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If you’ve watched the movie “Bruce Almighty” starring Jim Carrey, you must remember the scene where Bruce tries to answer all of the requests from people and types really fast. This is exactly the speed of typing a student needs to be able to finish all the writing assignments by the deadlines. Otherwise, s/he is doomed to spend sleepless nights trying to make it on time. Although a sleep deprivation is an essential part of any educational process, it can and will have a negative impact on students’ health and well-being. If only there was someone ready to help students day and night with their countless essays. Essay Typer is the service which can do it.

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If you a freshman, we’ll deliver a sample of the perfect essay so that it would be easier for you to cope with this task in the future. You’ll be able to borrow some of the techniques our writers use and implement the new knowledge. And in case you are a senior student, you most probably have no time for writing papers. You’ve written a lot of them already and can’t benefit from crafting another one. Our writers always have time to craft an A-level paper for you.

No matter what obstacles there might be on your way to success and high GPA score, we will help you to overcome them.

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Finding information.

There might be some narrow topics that require you spending hours on the web and at a library to find the relevant data. There might also be a case when there is too much of available information and you can’t find what you need. In either way, our experts are here to assist you. They use a number of trusted sources and know exactly where to find the information you require.


Some students skip this step and start writing their papers right away to save time. As the result, they spend more precious time on rewriting the drafts for several times. It’s not easy to keep the outline of the paper in your head and you can go off topic or forget to include some crucial piece of information. Our writers are great at organizing the data and making the flow of thoughts logical and comprehensive.


When it comes to expressing your thoughts on paper, many students struggle with it. If you are lost and can’t find the right words to compose a clear and informative paragraph, we can assist. It is not about talent, it is just the matter of practice. And our employees have years of it.


The editing process can last forever as there seems to be never enough of alterations you make. Our writers know when to stop. There should be no grammar or verbal errors in your essay. Proofreading it is crucial. All of these boring things and a lot more can be done by Essay Typer giving you some extra hours of sleep.

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